2020 CWU Photo & Poetry Competition

May 13 2020

CWU Head of Equality, Education and Development Kate Hudson is asking for your best photos and poems. If you want to brush up on your skills first, there are both digital photography and creative writing courses on www.cwu.org/leftclick

CWU Digital Photography & Poetry Competition

It’s been the worst of times…but we’ve also seen some of the best of people,

And the best people are you, the members of the CWU, serving the nation through this national crisis. You have been an inspiration, keeping Britain posted and keeping the country connected.

So we think this year’s National Photography & Poetry Competition, organised by the union’s Equality, Education & Development department, is going to be a bit special.

Let’s see the very best of your photos highlighting the fantastic work you’ve all done, something you or a colleague did that made you proud, or showing the esteem and respect that the Great British public have for their postal and telecoms and finance workers.

But it isn’t all about work, if you’ve got a great photo from your community, or something lovely from nature perhaps?

And of course your photo might be a sad one, or an emotional image.

Whatever you think is your very best. Choose it, choose your category from the list below, and send it into us at learn@cwu.org along with a few words (approx 60-100) explaining your entry.

Photo formats: Send as JPEG attachments or via link to Dropbox account

Or you may prefer to express yourself through verse.

Has any particular circumstance or situation made a deep impact on you? An act of kindness perhaps? Or a particularly emotional event?

Why not have a try at putting this into your own words?

Or if you just want to give us all a good laugh – and Heaven knows we need all the smiles and happiness we can find at this time – then send us your verse, your poems, choose your category from the same list of four below and send to us at learn@cwu.org

Poem formats: Send as Word or Doc files, or record and send as MP3 or MP4 files

Let’s make our CWU 2020 Photography and Poetry Competition something special.

Over to you!

There are four categories:

  • Britain’s extra emergency service
  • Together – apart
  • Love
  • Nature reclaimed

Competition opened on April 1st and closing date has now been extended to the August 31st

Competition run by the CWU Equality, Education & Development department

Entry open to all CWU members and their families.

Click here to download the flyer.

Click here to access Digital Photography & Creative Writing courses.

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