Why stay on as a Retired Member?


The great benefit of retaining CWU membership in retirement is the continued comradeship and support of fellow members and workers with whom we have shared life but also having the strength of the Union’s legal services to help in cases of accident and personal injury and for general legal advice.

For a much reduced monthly membership contribution you will also be invited to join and take part in the Retired Members Section of your local CWU Branch.

In North Staffordshire we regularly hold meetings within the Branch Area where tea, coffee and biscuits are provided along with the good humour, debate and discussions and the planning of activities and events. 

As well as visits to places like Greenwich, The Cutty Sark and The Observatory, Liverpool Tall Ships, Jodrell Bank Space Centre, The National Brewery Centre, The Peoples History Museum, Imperial war Museum North and Lowry Centre and the Wedgwood Factory Tour we have also joined with others such the North Staffs Pensioners Convention to campaign against 250 hospital bed closures at Bradwell, Longton Cottage, Cheadle, Haywood and Leek hospitals.

With our Union nationally we also continue to be briefed and campaign to protect and improve pensioner benefits including state pension provision.

With a significant number of members transferring from Midland No1 Branch to North Staffs Branch Retired Members Section we now have a retired  membership locally comprising 141 members and growing.  As can be seen we have been a very active section and will continue to be so as soon as we are able given the present Covid 19 considerations and restrictions.

As individual human being we are certainly defined by simply more than the work we do and the job we did and being part of CWU Retired Members is surely an expression of the broad characters we are in greater life.

We thus hope you will continue your CWU membership into retirement with us and enjoy the benefits this provides.  You can be sure of a warm welcome and interesting and active comradeship within our section.

For and behalf of the North Staffs Postal Branch Retired Members Section.

Jan Zablocki

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  1. Being retired we still need to back members who are still working. All my working life I’ve been a Union member. Being a CWM member is the only way to get justice in the work place.

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