A Message to all RMP&FSL cleaners

As individual ballot papers arrive—Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions Limited
(RMP&FSL) have now tabled an improved offer on Pay and Associated issues.
The improvements outlined include:
• A one-off £1,000 payment (pro-rata for part-time employees) for those of you
who saw no increase under the new companywide minimum pay rate set at the
level of the Real Living Wage (RLW).
• An increase in pension contributions and commitment to further talks on a
roadmap to ‘bridging the gap’ between RMP&FSL and Royal Mail Group.
• Movement on Holiday Pay (including back-pay), parity on Maternity and
Paternity Leave; and parity on new starters Annual leave.
To be clear, these improvements are welcomed and positive moves from
RMP&FSL, but do not address all of our issues currently in dispute or an
improvement on our pay.
That’s why you still need to vote YES.
The CWU makes no apologies for wanting better for you.
Ballot closes on the 27th of September.


Fact Service issue 45 RMP&FSL revised offer

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