CWU March on London

The CWU Rally held in Parliament Square, London on Friday 9th December was a moment in history when postal members of the Union gave expression to their feelings about the appalling pay offer from Royal Mail and attempts to drastically change terms and condition of employment replacing some 10,000 staff with 11,000 casual agency staff.  So why after making some £750 million profit the previous year and paying out £567 million to shareholders does the Chief Executive, Simon Thompson, want to destroy the workforce that delivered such success for the business ?   The answer is irrefutable – it is part of a strategy of making even more profit by driving down the terms and conditions of employed staff and replacing them cheaper agency workers …… just like P&O Ferries did earlier in 2022.   It is a race to the bottom and the road back to Serfdom which must be defeated not just for workers now but for those who follow in their working footsteps.   It is a plan that enriches the few by impoverishing the many causing division and conflict in society.   The CWU’s Rally and Pickets maintained at Royal Mail depots across the country provide a magnificent and inspirational example to all of how we will not succumb to these exploitative workplace practices.  It was a demonstration of our determination to fight for what is reasonable, fair and right just as workers across the rail industry, health service, education and public sector workers are doing in their workplaces.  The videos and pictures mark the historic moment in which members of the North Staffs Postal Branch engaged in this fight to protect our livelihoods!

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