LTB 148/20 – Coronavirus Covid-19 Issues – CWU Courses

No. 148/2020
23rd March 2020

Dear Colleague,

Coronavirus Covid-19 Issues – CWU Courses
Due to the spread of the Coronavirus throughout the UK and the current Government advice, serious consideration has been given regarding the delivery of our Education and Training Programme both Residentially and Regionally due to be held for the remainder of the Academic Year (July 31st)
Therefore, the decision has made to cancel all courses that are currently scheduled until the end of the Academic Year.
This decision, which has not been taken lightly, will help to alleviate the pressures that we will face when we eventually come through the other side of this Coronavirus crisis.
We are exploring with Ruskin College the possibility of enabling those students who have commenced and are still to conclude their studies within a specific timeframe to remotely complete courses and will be in touch with them in due course.
We will of course continue to review the situation as developments progress.
Branches are reminded that CWU Left-Click, our online learning platform continues to be available for representatives and members at
Yours sincerely,

Kate Hudson


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