LTB 165/20 – Distribution of Coronavirus Testing Kits – RM Operational Documentation

No: 165/2020
31st March 2020
For the Immediate Attention of All:
Postal Branches
Divisional Representatives
Area Processing Representatives
Area Distribution Representatives
Area Delivery Representatives

Dear Colleagues
Distribution of Coronavirus Testing Kits – RM Operational Documentation
Further to LTB 161/20 Branches and representatives will be aware that Royal Mail will be involved in the delivery, collection from priority postboxes and processing of Coronavirus Testing Kits on behalf of the Government/NHS. The CWU supports this initiative as a key public service initiative in support of NHS workers, deployed in line with the principles contained in the union’s letter to Rico Back of the 30th March 2020 on an Emergency Measures Response to the escalating Coronavirus Pandemic.
Attached for the information are the following operational documents that have been prepared and released by Royal Mail in preparation for the commencement of the initiative:
Annex A: Managers Brief
Annex B: Handout for Collections & Delivery
Annex C: Handout for Processing
Annex D: Handout for Inward Processing
Colleagues should note that while cross functional discussions have taken place with Royal Mail to understand the operational arrangements, the attached are business documents that we have not had any direct input into. In particular the references to the CWU and our representatives included in the Managers Brief were not discussed or agreed with the union in advance of publication.
Also attached at Annex E is additional information that has been supplied by the business in respect of the Covid-19 testing program, which may be of assistance to Branches and representatives when dealing with enquiries or any issues that are raised.
Discussions are continuing between the CWU Health and Safety Department and the business to ensure that all necessary SSOW are in place and Branches will be updated accordingly.
Branches and representatives are requested to ensure that this LTB and the attached documentation is given the widest publication and brought to the attention of members as soon as possible.
Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to:
Processing: Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference: 014.14
Deliveries/Collections: Mark Baulch, Assistant Secretary, email quoting reference: 170
Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson – Assistant Secretary
Mark Baulch – Assistant Secretary