LTB 171/20 – Coronavirus – Temporary Change Of Process For Logistic And Area Distribution ADC’s In Cab Coaching In Line With The Business Policy On Social Distancing

No: 171/2020
1st April 2020

For the Immediate Attention of All:
Postal Branches
Divisional Representatives
Area Distribution Representatives

Dear Colleagues

Coronavirus – Temporary Change Of Process For Logistic And Area Distribution ADC’s In Cab Coaching In Line With The Business Policy On Social Distancing

Branches and representatives are informed that the department have been in discussions with the business in relation to temporary arrangements for processes performed by Logistic and Area Distribution Advanced Driver Coaches (ADC’s) to allow assessments to take place while ensuring social distancing measures.

As part of this we have jointly reviewed the processes for agency assessments/induction and training during the Coronavirus pandemic, in order that the principle of ‘one cab one person’ is complied with to support adherence to social distancing.

The temporary changes will ensure that ADCs do not carry out ‘in cab’ coaching. The areas affected by the temporary changes are:

Agency assessments
Post RTC training
Skills training
Attached for information are details of the temporary changes that are to be adopted:
Annex A – Coronavirus Temporary Change in Process Document
Annex B – Generic Agency Drivers’ Manual

In addition to the above the department understand that the business are also currently creating video aids, which it is hoped will assist the induction process going forward.

Temporary Process For Agency Assessments
The process ensures that all drivers being offered by the agency must have been assessed and passed by a reputable national logistics/distribution provider within the last 12 months and a full review of tachograph history will be undertaken for each candidate. Should there be no available driving history for any candidate then they will not be considered for assessment.

Temporary Process For Post RTC Refresher
The process also includes interim measures for Post-Accident Interventions following RTA’s. For minor RTA’s the process will mirror the agency arrangements for in yard assessments, with any in- cab follow up to be concluded once restrictions have been lifted. Any 1-2-1 engagement will be conducted remotely ensuring social distancing.

For Serious or Multiple RTA’s, where the temporary inability to conduct in-cab support could lead to a precautionary removal from driving the process now ensures that management must discuss the matter with the CWU Representative and share all relevant information prior to any decision being taken.

Temporary Process for Training for specialised skills
In addition to the above, where it is not possible to deliver in cab training it has been agreed that the skills register will be maintained, to ensure that specialist vehicles (110 DD) can be aligned to match the available skilled drivers.
While the above measures should provide meaningful workload for our ADC’s, it is also understood that, in line with the National agreements for each function, they may be asked to drive to support the operation.

We understand these are unprecedented times and we have agreed this temporary change to processes and agency assessments to ensure that the ADC is able to carry out their roles safely in line with social distancing, whilst maintaining the business’ ability to safely assess agency drivers.

The temporary change of process will be monitored and reviewed weekly at National level. The business will share with us the agency fall to ground and any changes required to this temporary process will be made Nationally, to ensure we maintain our ADC’s safety whilst at work and consistency in the delivery of driver assessments.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference 014.14

Yours sincerely
Davie Robertson
Assistant Secretary

Annex A – Tempoary ADC Assesment Process (002) –

Annex B Generic Agency Drivers Manual V1 Mar 2020 –