LTB 249/20 – Communications Workshops for CWU Branches

LTB 249/20

11th May 2020

Communications Workshops for CWU Branches

Dear colleagues,

Over the course of the coming weeks the Communications Department will be putting together a series of workshops with branches on key channels / tools, which will hopefully enable you to build on the work you are doing locally.

The sessions will be held via Zoom and will be hosted by the Department and experts from across our movement.

So far in our planning we have agreed sessions on;

  • Livestreaming
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Design
  • Media

We will be adding to these in the coming weeks in order to fully share with branches the work we undertake at national level.

The first session will be held on Tuesday 26th May at 4pm and will cover livestreaming. I will be joined by Gary McQuiggin who is the Head of Video at Novara Media and a livestreaming expert. We will cover the basics of live video alongside some more advanced content. We will of course take questions from branches during the event.

We will send the joining link for this and the full plan of events next week. None of the sessions will last more than an hour.

We would welcome suggestions from Branches on any other tools / channels you would want us to host an event on.

Kind regards,

Chris Webb

Head of Communications, Engagement and Media 

LTB 249/20 – Communications Workshops for Branches

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