LTB006/23 Royal Mail Group – 2022 Free Flu Voucher Scheme Offer Extended To 31 January 2023

No. 006/2023

9 January 2023

Our Ref:  E1/23

To:  All Branches


Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Group – 2022 Free Flu Voucher Scheme Offer Extended To 31 January 2023:

Full details of the RMG 2022 Free Flu Jab Voucher Scheme were published in LTB 368/22 on 13 September 2022.

As reported in LTB 368/22 the Royal Mail Group Flu Voucher Scheme was scheduled to run from Monday 19 September 2022 until 31 December 2022.

Royal Mail Group informed us on Friday evening on 6 January 2023 that the Free Flu Jab vaccination scheme offer has been extended by a month to 31 January 2023, in response to the current high respiratory infection rates in the UK, forwarding a copy of a communication they have issued confirming this with additional advice.

Downloading A Free Digital Flu Vaccination Voucher And Arranging An Appointment:

  • Access the Flu voucher website and enter an email address (work or personal).
  • Enter the RMG company code R5M9G7 and a free Flu voucher will be delivered by email.
  • Locate the Flu jab provider of choice, nearest or most convenient and book an appointment. This can be done either by phone, on-line via the provider’s website or by visiting the provider.
  • When attending the Flu jab appointment to receive the vaccination, members will need to show their Royal Mail ID and the RMG digital free Flu voucher.
  • Redeem the voucher and receive a free Flu vaccination by 31 January 2023.

Those included

All RMG employees, including new recruits and agency staff.

Free NHS Vaccination

The Flu jab continues to be available free of charge from the NHS for people over 50, those at risk of severe illness from catching Flu, those with certain defined conditions and a range of children’s age groups. For further information, individuals should contact their GP surgery.

No Local Listed Provider

Where the distance between a member’s home and the nearest pharmacy exceeds 15 miles, the Unit Manager will be able to authorise use of another, alternative Flu jab provider up to the maximum cost of £15. This is claimed through the travel and expenses process.

Influenza (Flu)

Flu is one of the most significant causes of illness during the winter months. Flu is a respiratory illness caused by a virus, which is highly contagious and can lead to severe ill-health.


As reported in LTB 513/22 on 22 December 2022, RMG launched the new ‘Help@Hand’, giving employees direct and immediate access to a package of ‘free’ and independent health and wellbeing support. The Royal Mail Group workforce can access the range of support services by going on the RMG website and downloading the ‘Help@Hand App’.  Then select ‘Register via PIN’ and enter the Royal Mail code 164003.  Employees can then easily access the following:

  • Remote GP – unlimited 24/7 access to a digital private GP service which covers RMG workers, their partner and family with children eligible up to their 18th birthday or 24th birthday if in full-time education.
  • Physiotherapy – up to 8 consultation sessions per year which can also be shared between the employee and their partner.
  • Mental Health Support – up to 8 consultation sessions per year which can be shared between the employee and their partner.
  • A medical ‘Second Opinion’ service.
  • A wellbeing calendar which includes access to webinars and support.
  • Plus – Life, money and wellbeing advice support service.
  • Registration takes just 10 minutes.

Would all Area and Unit Reps please remind all members that the Free Flu Jab scheme closing date has been extended for a month should anyone wish to take up the offer and advise members about the new ‘Help@Hand’ ‘Free’ health and wellbeing support scheme.

See attached copy of:

Message from Zareena Brown RMG Chief Peoples Officer dated 6 January 2023 entitled ‘Flu Vaccination Programme extended to 31 January 2023.’

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer



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